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Brand Standards Guide

Brand Standards Guide – Protect your Corporate Identity

You’ve worked hard to develop your company vision, mission, visual identity and voice. Now it’s time to protect it. Employees, vendors, the media and others may misrepresent your corporate identity without thinking twice.

If you’re in marketing, you know the pain of seeing your logos, fonts and colors compromised and intermingled with weird clip art on all kinds of marketing and sales collateral. Suddenly, your shiny corporate identity looks like it has multiple personality disorder.

It’s no one’s fault directly. Your company has been doing the same things for a while, but the inconsistent colors and uses of the logo and graphics are making your brand look like a mess. You need some rules to govern the representation of your brand everywhere; from videos, to websites, to hot air balloons, to ball-point pens you need consistency.

So, what’s the solution?

Make it easy for everyone to be an advocate of your brand with a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand Brand Standards Guide from Insyntrix. Now co-workers, vendors, media and more can understand your brand and how to implement it.

Brand Standards Guide - Brand Identity From Visuals to Voice

We’ll work with you to identify the core elements of your corporate identity, product identity and service identity and how your brand should be represented across all mediums to ensure consistent, professional and accurate results.

Brand Identity Elements to Consider:

  • Referring to the company and product names in print and verbally
  • Logo placement, acceptable backgrounds, acceptable color variations (example: black and white or tone on tone)
  • Color palatte, including specifics for online, print and digital mediums
  • Fonts to be used in letters, emails, marketing collateral, sales presentations
  • Web safe colors and print equivalents for logos and other visual elements of your brands
  • Copyright ©, trademarks ™, registration marks ® and service marks and when to use them
  • Standard company, product and service boiler plates
  • Standard corporate email signatures

… and more! Everyone’s needs are different. Your guidelines will be specific to your situation.


Brand Standards Guide

A multiple page PDF that represents the rules associated with your brand.

Click on the thumbnail below to preview a sample of a Brand Standard Guide.

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Brand Standards Guide

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How your brand management strategy is crafted is vital for ongoing success in today's competitive digital world. It’s your chance to leave an impression that really reflects your business and what it represents. It’s not the time to cut corners… you’ve got competition around every corner that will take advantage of any perceived vulnerability as an opportunity to win the business away from your customers.

Your brand is important. Can you stand behind it?

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