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It’s widely reported that the average adult is subject to 5,000 advertisements or brand exposures daily. The proliferation of promotional messages across all available mediums – everything from newspapers, radio, TV, and digital advertising to bathroom stalls – ensures commercial communications are impossible to escape. But how effective is the deluge of digital advertising, really?

Good online advertising is the purposeful, targeted promotion of a product or service that takes place where your audience gathers. It’s the business of inspiring your audience to learn about you, remember you and take action. And it must be done in a non-invasive way. This is why a good campaign blending online advertising, e-marketing and traditional printed publications can be very effective.

What makes an advertisement effective?

  • It must be timely – If your prospect isn’t at the right point in the sales cycle, your messages will go unnoticed.
  • It must be personal – Business buyers weigh the odds of doing nothing, investing to exploit an opportunity, or investing to solve a problem. Emotional, societal, rational and biological factors influence consumers. You must know your audience and their motivators.
  • It must be memorable – The hallmark of effective messaging is that prospects can remember in their own words, later. A short URL, a clever phone number (1-800-GET-RICH) or a fast text code won’t hurt.
  • It must contain a compelling offer – Everyone wants something for nothing, which could put you out of business quickly. What CAN you offer to make your message stand out, get a favorable response and help you meet your sales objectives without devaluing the perceived value of your products or services?

Popular Advertising Services:

  • Online/Digital Advertising
  • Online Advertising Management
  • Print Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Direct Mail
  • Online Ads: Google/Bing

Getting Started with Advertising Agencies

There are a lot of advertising agencies. Miami, West Palm Beach and Wellington all have many to choose from and a lot of different approaches, too. Insyntrix doesn’t just design an ad to fill up space… not even close. We’re going to ask you a lot of questions before we get started, and you’re probably going to have some homework. We’ll have some great conversations about who your prospects are, what makes them tick, what’s worked in the past, and much more. All of this will happen before we make a recommendation of where and how to advertise, and of course, we’ll discuss tracking the analytics and measuring success. After all, Insyntrix is much more than a vanilla digital advertising agency. We have the team, tools, technologies and experience to get RESULTS.

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Online Advertising Works

The principles of good story telling – the “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Why?” and “How?” keep the story interesting. These same principles apply to good advertising. You want to inspire your audience to learn, remember and take action. You can tell your story using words, pictures, sounds, smells, taste or whatever makes your audience tick.

Spend your ad dollars wisely. Get an experienced second opinion.

You can definitely spend too much on your print and online ads. Give us a call and understand your options. Or, complete this easy form and we’ll contact you soon.