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So you have a really amazing product. It might be something you eat, something you wear on your feet or a really cool new dog brush. Whatever it is, the packaging design must grab a customer’s attention and reinforce all your brand promises.

If you are selling a high-end product or something you want to look high-end, the retail packaging may be just as important as the product itself. If no one feels immediately confident about making the purchase or at least picks up the package to learn more, you can expect them instead to take a very long, hard look at your price tag. If there’s a disconnect between price and perceived value, you’re going to lose and someone else (your competition) is going to win.

Good packaging design or label design supports brand identity. Whether the packaging design is a box, bottle or bag, your customer has to feel good about their purchase. A very simple label design or a boring, mostly brown box is not going to make anyone think your product is amazing, special or worth the price. The experienced team of creative graphic designers at Insyntrix understand the core principles of product development and will take your packaging design project to the next level.

Which Is Better for You: Label Design or Packaging Design?

Label design often involves a type of sticker. The labels can be printed on special sheets or on a roll for easy application during the packaging and shipping process. Packaging design is usually much more elaborate as it entails designing specialized boxes, inserts, plastic molds, foam and/or other materials that hold your product and parts in place. It also factors in keeping your product safe during the shipping and handling process to reduce returns from damaged items.

What is often overlooked is the user experience when opening or interacting with the package. An embossed metallic ink label with special spot UV coatings might be enough to satisfy your target audience while keeping costs down. However placing your product in a nice box could increase its perceived value. Sometimes you can use both options to designate different lines of products. Beverage X comes in a simple bottle with a nice label, but Beverage X: Platinum is displayed on the top shelf inside a collector’s edition hand-marked box.

Insyntrix will help you brainstorm all the options and guide you through the process of informed decision making. You will likely hear many ideas you have not yet considered thanks to our small army of printing partners and experienced marketing minds.

Retail Packaging Design Pros

You are in business to sell products at the best possible profit margin. You want your your packaging design for online or retail to hit the mark the first time. We’ll work hard to understand your products, sales channels, customer expectations and behaviors and your competition before we recommend packaging options best suited to your products.

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Packaging design is more about communicating a promise to the consumer. A good diagram, illustration and image can take down walls of fear and build trust with your customers. Why? Because they can actually understand what you are trying to sell without reading too much or having a sales person yap their ear off. Our Wellington Florida design team is always listening. We want you to succeed. Check out some of our label and packaging design work below.

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