Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing can be defined as the promotion of relevant information directly to an audience likely to be interested in your products or services. Insyntrix develops direct marketing campaigns designed to capture attention. When you understand your market, you’re able to build trust and demonstrate value quickly; You want your audience to take action with a smile on their face.

Some examples of direct mail advertising/direct marketing are pieces like brochures, fliers, coupons, emails, text messages, Facebook ads and phone calls designed to elicit a direct response. Direct response marketing encourages quick conversion via informative, strategically presented messages that make the target feel special, as in a part of elite or unique subset of people.

Direct mail advertising and direct marketing examples

Effective direct marketing in action can be observed in the life of today’s high schooler. He or she is required to take the PSAT in October of their junior year. The test score is entered into a database along with the student’s self-identified GPA and areas of interest for post-secondary study. All of this information, including the student’s name, sex, date of birth and contact information is for sale.

Come December, the student will begin to receive direct mail advertising from institutions who purchased his or her information. Stacks of cards, letters, catalogues, packages, invitations and emails arrive weekly – all addressed directly to the student without a parent, teacher, counselor or coach as middleman. Is it effective? Absolutely. Except for birthday cards and holiday gifts a typical teen does not normally receive mail addressed to them. The attention can be flattering, and you can believe many a college short list is born from this mass, direct marketing.

Direct Response marketing

Direct marketing in a business-to-business scenario is similar. Because the cycle can be longer due to higher price points, a system that “leads the horse to water” for a salesperson to close works well. You see this all the time with software and app developers: “Download the exclusive, preferred customer trial and get your business on track today”. Messages like these work because the target feels instantly recognized and rewarded. Behind the scenes, the smart marketer already knows how to follow up with this person at a later date. In fact, the communications have already been written. Strategically timed information will be forthcoming to nurture the relationship, close the deal and encourage future sales.

Benefits of direct marketing:

Cost-effective: save money by marketing only to those likely to have an interest

Personal: make the target feel acknowledged for specific traits

Measurable: learn as you go as you identify smaller universes of recipients and discover the best market for your products and services.

Smart companies value the importance of understanding their audience and how to reach them, before starting a direct marketing campaign. The team at Insyntrix can deliver results for you. Contact us.


Direct Marketing Works

The idea that advertising only works if you can run TV commercials and have celebrity endorsements just doesn't fly anymore, even on modest budgets. Direct marketing programs are specialized and targeted making them highly effective for the money.

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