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Your Trade Show Booth Design Must Be Intriguing

Or else, WHAT?

Or else you might as well take a brick of cash and light it on fire, because that would be a lot more interesting than the same old, underwhelming display every tradeshow attendee has seen a hundred times already.

Trade Show Booth Design and Tradeshow Displays

Often, your trade show booth design is the first experience your prospects have with your people, products and services. What will their impression be from 100 feet away? If it’s decent, they’ll come a little closer. Next, do you want them to stand back and watch a pre-qualifying video presentation on the big screen, experience hands-on engagement with your merchandise, or make a beeline straight to one of your on-site experts? If your trade show booth is designed with solid strategy and execution behind it, you’ll have steady traffic. And let’s face it, when it comes to tradeshows, steady traffic makes those long show floor shifts go by much more quickly.

The trade show display or booth design is your opportunity to stand out from the sea of pipe and drape and mediocrity. Instead you want to inspire action. No matter if it’s a large, multi-dimensional, and multi-sensory showpiece or a simple yet elegant table top display, it’s your chance to get noticed for the right reasons. Different shows, budgets and audiences call for different presentations and it’s an excellent idea to be prepared. From carpet and pad choices to promotional items, podiums to trash cans, it’s all a part of the experience.

Preshow Communications, Presentations, Promotional Items and Follow-up

Don’t forget the bells and whistles that remind your audience to come and look for you, provide the information they need to promote your wares to the higher-ups once home, and keep you top of mind during the buying season. Insyntrix has you covered here, too.

Pre-show email blasts, show sponsorships, break-out sessions, presentations and post-show communications can drive traffic to your booth and attention to your brand, and we’re ready to help you plan the entire experience. Tchotchke works, too. But if your key differentiator is “rough and tough” it’s probably better to offer a firm handshake than squishy balls, if you get our drift.

In summary, we’re here to help. Let the team of experts at Insyntrix help you create the end-to-end experience that exceeds your tradeshow dreams.

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Trade Show Design Work

Trade show design is more about communicating a promise to the consumer in a live environment with direct human interactions. A good display panel, sales materials and crafty messaging can take down the walls of fear and build trust with your customers. Our South Florida design team is always listening. We want you to succeed at your events. Check out some of our design work in our portfolio.

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