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Interactive marketing is the use of advanced tactics that encourage two-way conversations and a deeper level of thinking. The goal is to engage your prospects in interactions centered around your products and services in ways not always directly related to a sale. In other words, it’s a chance for your audience to react and respond to your brand, offers and products dynamically, instead of passively reading or ignoring them.

Imagine watching an online presentation showing customers how your product is made step-by-step and having them take a quiz for an exclusive promo code.

Consider educating your sales team about your new product line with an interactive presentation that allows them to explore the features and benefits and track their questions in an open forum.

Explore what it would be like to pre-sell your audience without having to talk about products or services by using video, motion graphics and interactivity while telling a story that enhances your value and brand. Interactive marketing might be the missing component to your e-marketing program.

By explaining how you do what you do in a meaningful and interactive way and you can gain customers for life because they have taken the time to process the integrity of your message and make lasting judgements to your value. Bonus: we can track it all using advanced web analytics.

Whether you need an internal communications tool for your sales team, a mobile app for your customers to book appointments, an online ROI calculator to demonstrate product and service value or a complex solution finder database to enable prospects to self-serve on your website, our team of programmers and interface designers are ready to recommend the best approach and get the job done.

Interactive marketing tools like social media, social search, mobile applications, learning modules, user-manipulated website graphics and more are fantastic opportunities to draw prospects in and encourage them to communicate or otherwise engage. Initiatives like these make it easier to understand customer behaviors and tailor future marketing projects. Even custom shopping carts can be modified to better handle customer needs.

As an interactive agency, Insyntrix is always looking for the best creative solutions for our clients. Our custom software development team is busy developing multimedia presentations, interactive websites and iPhone/iPad apps since 2002. We also partner with some of the best database developers in the United States to provide world-class solutions to our clients.

Popular Interactive Marketing Projects:

  • eBooks and interactive PDFs
  • Mobile websites
  • iPhone and iPad apps
  • Product demos
  • Interactive Web graphics
  • Social media strategies and maintenance
  • Social search
  • Surveys

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Interactive Work

The term, "Interactive media" gets thrown around a lot. In reality, interactive media is all about getting people to remember your brand and products in a more satisfying way. By combining senses like sight, sound and touch, marketers create a deeper impression that a casual glimpse on a billboard. Mobile devices lead the way for many interactive projects, but technology is constantly evolving. Insyntrix helps our clients stand out in more meaningful ways for sales, training and marketing projects.

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