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A brand is not a logo. It is not a jingle or a high-priced celebrity spokesmodel, it’s not advertising and it’s not marketing. And it’s not a 100 million dollar manufacturing plant or an assortment of products distributed world-wide. …So what is a brand?

A brand is a promise, carefully crafted from your corporate brand identity and brand strategy. It’s reflected in the contact your employees have with your customers and the experience your customers have with your products and services. It’s a philosophy and a mode of operation that represents the DNA of your organization. It’s the basis of all company decision-making and it’s the core reason your company exists and succeeds.

Understanding Brand Strategy Starts by Believing in Your Brand

A smart, relevant brand strategy and platform is an invitation to the world to perceive your business through the lens of your choosing. Developing your brand requires a deep examination of your company, and it challenges key players to think about the business on levels they are not accustomed to considering. A skilled branding agency like Insyntrix can guide the conversations that result in a believable and achievable promise to your prospects, customers and employees.

Just look at Apple. How much is their brand name worth now compared with just 15 years ago? A huge driver in Apple’s success is a company culture aligned with their brand promise. Apple successfully filled a void in computing and devices and challenged people to think differently. Their audience gravitated to them because they offered a compelling promise that resonated with their needs – needs they had, and needs they didn’t recognize quite yet.

Conversely, the cost of an uninspired, irrelevant or poorly-executed brand strategy is immeasurable. How do you quantify a lack of employee buy-in, a drastic drop in customer loyalty, and the absence of new and occurring revenues? Unfortunately, these results are often traced back to incongruent brand strategies.

Since 2002, the Insyntrix branding agency has successfully partnered with clients to develop powerful branding solutions. Our unique approach to the process will enable confident marketing and business decisions for years to come. From business naming to brand standards, Insyntrix will guide you through all your options, including logo design.

Popular Corporate Branding Services:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Brand Management
  • Visual Identity
  • Visual and Branding Standards Guides

Companies that benefit from the Insyntrix brand strategy process include:

  • Start-ups with non-defined brands and corporate identities
  • Established organizations needing to modernize brands and corporate identities
  • Established organizations requiring a branding strategy and corporate identity review

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Your brand strategy and platform is your opportunity to put your best foot forward and introduce yourself to the world. It’s your chance to leave an impression that really reflects your business and what it represents. It’s not the time to cut corners… you’ve got competition around every corner that will take advantage of any perceived vulnerability or opportunity to win the business from your prospects.

Your brand is important. Can you stand behind it?

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