Training Videos

Training Videos

Remember those cheesy corporate training videos from way back, featuring bad actors re-enacting slips and falls, teaching us how to properly wash our hands or demonstrating proper customer service? There are a slew of these gems on YouTube that are amazingly, uncomfortably entertaining in a bad way.

Don’t let your training videos be a blight on your brand one day. Insyntrix can help you create high-quality, informative and entertaining corporate training videos future generations won’t laugh at later. Properly planned, scripted, shot and edited, a good training video is like a good, internal piece of marketing collateral, because your trainees will learn the right way to act or produce a high quality product or service.

Corporate training videos don’t have to be “corporate” unless corporate is the route you wish to go. Entertaining banter and humor are sometimes great ways to get to communicate the proper way to do something or explain how something works. We train dogs, but we educate humans. When you appeal to the way humans think and feel, they are more compelled to care and learn.

A visually memorable video can increase retention of subject matter while supporting your company culture, brand and vision. The best part is that it can be used over and over again if planned correctly.

Full Service Solutions for all Your Video Tutorial Needs

Whether you rely on professional actors, CGI, animated screenshots, comic illustrations or a combination of all of these, Insyntrix has the staff and skills to discuss your options and bring them to fruition.

Many times our clients have trouble explaining a process or their services in a way that their partners and employees will remember. Some ideas are more complex than others, which is why our video script writers and designers work together to develop creative ways to explain the concepts. We also think a lot about camera angles, lighting and location and can hire professional actors to role play different learning situations.

The process always begins with a meeting to discuss you, your business and your training video goals. From there, we’ll take the reins and come up with creative concepts for you to ponder. Then we get to work creating a word-for-word, frame-by-frame script with all of the impact and none of the cheesiness. Next, storyboarding begins and all the visual elements are planned and approved. Finally, we’re ready to tape, design or code our joint masterpiece.

If you’re ready to define, inform and engage your audience with video tutorials planned for maximum shelf life, let’s get the ball rolling today.

Training Videos

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Insyntrix has the experience and resources to create exciting video projects. From idea conception, script writing and storyboarding, to music, voiceover and graphic design, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your video production and marketing needs. Insyntrix can handle everything from motion graphic animations to on-location video production shoots and live events.

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