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Insyntrix’s database development services are very thorough. We ask the right questions to ensure your database is built the right way, the first time. Whether you need to interface with a MYSQL Database via PHP, or you have other database requirements for your web application, Insyntrix has the database programmers you need for custom software development. Insyntrix will work from either informal or formal requirements specifications. If you need a requirements specification written, we will do that too. We understand that the website’s content and key functions drive the design of the database. We will always mockup the primary screens and develop a user case flow with your team before finalizing the database design.

Here’s what you can expect from our database development team:

  • We always provide a smart path to expand the database capabilities as future needs evolve. This includes putting in the hooks for enabling quick implementation of anticipated future expanded capabilities. And we carefully document the database design, so that anyone can “pick it up” later.
  • The database implementation will always have an import capability from external files from other sources. For example, you can import new products or customer data from a CSV file from another database.
  • The database implementation will always have an export/backup capability, saving the contents of everything to CSV and XML formatted files. It will also have an import capability from these same backup files. The database administrator can back up the entire database to CSV and XML files at any time.
  • Administrator logins always includes menus for adding, deleting, and modifying important database records, such as products, prices, customers, and settings.
  • Interfacing the database with external servers and services is always an option for your custom software development project. This includes interfacing with external order fulfillment and order tracking services. We support the most popular interfacing protocols, such as SOAP, REST, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and any custom/proprietary API. Encrypting your data transfers is always an option for added security.
  • We always employ the latest in security best practices to prevent hacker intrusions. From secure menu input fields, to secure customer file uploads, our best practices ensure that hackers cannot get into the database. Sensitive fields are always double encrypted, so that the data is hidden even if a hacker could get to it.
  • Implementing different security and permissions gates for logged in users and administrators is always an option. We can allow and deny database access per-user at the per-field level. For example, one administrator can see a customer’s balance due, while the other user types cannot.
  • We always have a tester admin-login which can do online testing, and not impact the website for real users. This includes making massive changes to the database contents when required.

Sound good?

Give us a call and we’ll get you in touch with one of our senior database programmers to scope your database development or custom software development project correctly. We make it easy to talk with a real web developer. Denver, San Francisco, New York... it doesn't matter where you are, we want to talk with you.


Database Development Projects

It can be hard to find a really good web developer. South Florida has many options for custom software development, but it is exceptionally difficult to find a web developer who understands database development surrounded by a great marketing team like Insyntrix. Check out our portfolio of database development projects.

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