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Build Your Empire Upon a Great Logo Design

Build Your Empire Upon a Great Logo Design

The bald eagle, apple pie and George Washington conjure up images of “America” for all of us, but what nouns and adjectives conjure up your corporate identity?

Unlike America, your corporate identity isn’t steeped in 300 plus years of history. Chances are, your business is young and you’ve recently come to the realization that your current logo design isn’t impressive enough to stand up to the competition. Company logos done right can catapult a business into the hearts and minds of thousands. If this isn’t your reality, your logo may be a contributing factor.

Your corporate identity should be manifested by a beacon of awesomeness called a logo. If your company logo is shabby, your customers may think your products and services are, too.

Company Logos Must Tell the Right Story

What position does your business occupy in the market? How would your customers describe your products, services and employees? Where do you see the company five years into the future?

Think about this: if your logo looks dated and your company markets progressive technologies, there’s a big disconnect out of the gate. Many of your prospects form an opinion of your business before your telephone rings. Telephone’s not ringing? There you have it. You need a company logo that tells the three second story to best position your brand. Insyntrix employs a thorough and thoughtful approach to creating company logos that capture the essence of your company.

Important Questions for Conquering Your Corporate Identity

The Insyntrix logo design team is a curious bunch. We’re going to ask a lot of questions so we understand your company position and brand promise… any creator of fantastic logo design would do the same. But here are a few questions you can expect to hear from us.

  • What three adjectives best describe your business?
  • If you could steal the look of any other business from any industry, whose would fit your brand the best?
  • List three competitors your customers may compare you to.
  • On a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being conservative and 1 being very modern, what number best represents your vision for the new logo?
  • What is your greatest fear about creating a new logo for your business?

Whether Insyntrix is designing your company logo or a series of logos for an entire line of products or services, it’s important that your logo design is well thought out and created for all the right reasons. One big reason should be to increase sales… Insyntrix is the team to get the job done.

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Corporate logo design is more about communicating ideas and emotion. A good, clean logo can build trust with your customers and instill confidence with every purchase. Why? Because they can actually understand what you are trying to say without reading too much or having a sales person yap their ear off. Our South Florida logo designers are always listening and trying to push the design boundaries without making your proud company look like a second grader is behind the wheel as CEO. Check out some of our logo projects.

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