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What is marketing automation you say? It's a SaaS platform that combines a CRM, e-mail blasting, website visitor data, tracking, dynamic forms, sales reports and pipeline prospecting all in one. Basically, you set things up so that each individual prospect can be tracked. They receive exact marketing and sales content that helps them the most, automatically, in near real time, per individual. No more direct need to wait and send all your customers a e-mail blast on a certain day. Now they can get a series of crafted communications and offers based on when they visited your website and their interests.

So, maybe you have an unknown prospect on the website right now. Once we entice them with some specialized content or a compelling offer, they fill out a simple form and now the magic happens, automatically. That person automatically gets a special customized e-mail personalized to them, but also a week later, it automatically sends another e-mail to them to help you follow up with some extra exclusive content. You can see if that individual clicked on the e-mail and if they visited your website and what pages they were checking out. So your sales team knows already knows what the customer wants can help them get it.

Insyntrix has partnered with SharpSpring from Constant Contact to offer our customers a very friendly system that generates leads, drives sales and helps measure your return on investment, per sales activity. It's all very awesome and opens up new revenue opportunities like never before.

As a SharpSpring Agency Partner, Insyntrix gets special support and agency pricing that is cheaper than the advertised street pricing shown on their site, so be sure to contact us direct so we can get you the best deal.

Marketing Automation Benefits
Marketing Automation Pipeline with CRM

The SharpSpring platform offers hundreds of amazing features for helping unify marketing and sales teams and closing deals faster. Now you can start conversations with individuals that you know are interested and get them all the information they need. SharpSpring fully integrates with your e-mail so all your business e-mails flow right into the contact's record making it a snap to quickly scan conversations see what each prospect wants.

VisitorID is one of the secret weapons in the SharpSpring stack of marketing automation tools. Use it to identify twice as many visitors to your site (compared to competing marketing platforms). Use behavioral-based tracking to truly understand what motivates each click and obtain accurate conversion rates you can really use. Identify pain points and successful strategies so that your website never stops optimizing. Receive a list of the day’s hottest leads directly to your inbox, and act at just the right time to convert those leads to sales.

Here are just a few core features in the SharpSpring Automated Marketing platform our customers use everyday:

SharpSpring Automated Marketing Features

SharpSpring Automated Marketing platform Plays nicely with others.

SharpSpring plugs right in to your existing website. Insyntrix or your website admin just adds some tracking code to your current site (similar to Google Analytics tracking code) and all the magic starts to happen. The dynamic forms we create just drop in to the site in the same way. All the e-mail blasting, CRM and sales dashboards are completely separate from your website, so IT is happy, the website people are happy and more importantly you will be happy as new sales start popping off.

Insyntrix SharpSpring Agency Florida

Marketing Automation is Affordable

The cost structure for SharpSpring is very affordable and less expensive than HubSpot, SalesForce, Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua, but equally powerful for marketing and sales solutions. It's a key reason for Insyntrix choosing SharpSpring as our preferred platform partner. Why pay more when SharpSpring delivers everything you need?

Automated Marketing is Used on This Website.

See this form right below? If you fill it out, your information will automatically go into our SharpSpring CRM and automatically be e-mailed to the appropriate staff member on our team. You will also get a thank you e-mail automatically emailed to you. Check it out, fill out the form and let's setup a demo so you can see how automated marketing can be the game changer your business has been needing.