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If marketing is helping you get customers to the door, sales is certainly the art of closing the deal. With many businesses selling complex products and services, the average customer just wants to see the information in way that makes sense. For many sales departments, this means having an excellent brochure or series of marketing collateral pieces that help tell a story and reinforce all that jazz your sales teams are selling.

Despite all the amazing technology in our digital age to project 3D holograms onto the sides of buildings, we are still pleasantly surprised at just how effective a great brochure design can be in leading a customer right into YES mode. A brochure or hybrid pocket folder signifies your business, your salesperson and their words are actually real and that your business, well, means business.

The secret to creating very engaging marketing collateral items lies within the development of a true and meaningful value proposition to your prospect. What are the benefits of your offerings and why should they care?

A new brochure or a full arsenal of marketing collateral can set the stage and give your sales people confidence. A fresh and smart sales promotion kicks their motivation level up five notches and makes things fun for them and easy for your prospects to make quick decisions. The bottom line is that you will see your bottom line grow once again. Insyntrix has the right set of skills and asks questions that go beyond creating pretty pictures and charts that most graphic designers don’t think to ask.

Combine the power of a great brochure design with the support of other smart marketing collateral items like sales sheets, white papers, pricing guides and infographics, and you can have the beginnings of a great sales promotion that makes the business of closing deals and gaining new clients a more lucrative exercise.

Make Your Next Sales Promotion Easy

Indeed making sales an easy process is not so easy. The marketing team at Insyntrix knows

a successful sales promotion includes a promise that doesn’t sound too good to be true. All up, it should help the prospect realize the cost of doing nothing is far greater than to act and buy now.

Contact us today and let’s talk one on one about what has worked for your company and what isn’t working now. Let our team of marketing and sales professionals analyze your situation and design brochures, marketing collateral tools and sales promotions that help you close deals faster with more value per sale.


Graphic Design Work

Packaging design is more about communicating a promise to the consumer. A good diagram, illustration and image can take down walls of fear and build trust with your customers. Why? Because they can actually understand what you are trying to sell without reading too much or having a sales person yap their ear off. Our Wellington Florida design team is always listening. We want you to succeed. Check out some of our label and packaging design work below.

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