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Email Marketing and Email Campaign Strategy

Done correctly, email marketing offers a direct, cost-effective way to connect with customers and prospects to generate sales, build loyalty, strengthen trust and increase brand awareness. A well-planned, ongoing email campaign strategy can boost the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy and help you reach your business goals.

  • Reach more people, faster, for less money
  • Use and reuse email templates that can be dressed up with the images of your choice
  • Segment your database to and create different messages for different audiences
  • Conduct A/B testing to determine the subject lines, offers and messages that appeal to your target

  • The most critical element of a strong email campaign strategy is your email address list. People are intolerant of interruptions and sales pitches these days. If they haven’t opted-in to hearing from you, chances are they don’t want to receive your messages. And when your messages sit in their inboxes with a bunch of other unsolicited or unwanted communications, yours will be deleted with the rest in a fell swoop.

    It’s not easy to build an email marketing list, but it’s the first step in a good email campaign strategy. We advise our clients to offer their audience something free in exchange for their contact information. A newsletter with exclusive offers for subscribers or an informative and instructional whitepaper about a topic that concerns them can be examples of good incentives. Comprehensive email lists that match the demographics of your target audience are available for rental, however experience shows your best bet is a list of prospects or customers who already know you.

    Email marketing is most effective when it’s included as an element of a bigger marketing plan and marketing engine. For example, you can probably expect a bigger return if you mail your audience a post card, follow up with a letter, then send an email blast, than if you sent a single or a repeated email communication.

    Nurturing Prospects with Marketing Automation

    Once you’ve turned your audience into prospects, A marketing automation tool can make a big difference in your ability to nurture your clients through the different stages of your sales funnel and the buying process. There are many user-friendly platforms and technologies available, designed to enable users to create messages ahead of time and schedule them for distribution across multiple communication platforms.


    Smart E-Mail Campaigns

    While it is true that no one likes getting bombarded by e-mails, they are still a nice way to keep your name in front of your prospects and customers. Just because they don't open an e-mail the first two times, does't mean they won't act on a special offer the third time. Consistent messaging and frequency is the key with e-mail marketing.

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