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Graphic design is more about communicating ideas and emotion. A good diagram, illustration and image can take down walls and build trust with your customers. Why? Because they can actually understand what you are trying to say without reading too much or having a sales person yap their ear off. Insyntrix graphic designers are always listening and trying to push the boundaries without starting to look like Bjork at a red carpet event. Check out just some of our work below.



Wilfley makes rugged industrial centrifugal pumps designed for the globe's most challenging fluid processing applications. They have been doing pumps for over 100 years.

Insyntrix designed this case study sales brochure for their sales team to showcase various success stories in different markets.

See the Insyntrix-created Wilfley website too


HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Their portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze.

It seems like we’re always collaborating with HP on something around here, and it’s fantastic. Here’s a series of movie-inspired posters we created for their internal office spaces. We regularly work different departments HPE (HP recently split and formed a new company, HP Enterprise) on video production and copywriting projects, too.

All of the work we do for HP and HPE is in alignment with exacting standards surrounding positioning, messaging and branding, however we were given a lot of creative leeway on this project.


Octagon Systems

Octagon Systems makes rugged computer systems designed to take a lick and keep on ticking as they say. With a series of new product offerings, Octagon Systems needed a new brochure that they could send to prospects and their distribution partners around the globe.

Insyntrix designed this tri-panel pocket folder that is both rugged and techie in appearance. It features a spot UV coating for some extra pop over key graphical elements. The center pocket makes it easy for the sales teams to customize the contents with additional letters and product specs.


Insyntrix designed this new logo for Bevylife. Bevy literally means group. This company is all about connecting singles into real in-person groups that share common interests. Not wanting to be labeled as a common dating site was important because singles can also mean your grandmother's bunko group or single dads who just want to catch the Broncos game who can relate.

The logo design here is meant to illustrate this meaningful connection between two people inside a group setting while showcasing the modern, vibrant feel of the company.



GreenTheory was new on the scene to the health products market. They needed a fresh, healthy look for their company and product line.

Insyntrix developed the GreenTheory logo, all their label packaging and various promotional marketing and sales items.

BSG Communications

Power client BSG Communications produces and manages events for the medical industry all across the world. Really.

This beautiful pocket folder for IFIR was designed to hold a variety of materials and papers for attendees at their Berlin event. It features a deep pocket and magnetic tab to keep everything locked in, kinda like an old school trapper keeper.


Celebrate Safety

Celebrate Safety has the yummiest idea ever to hit safety training. Cookies. Yep, custom cookies with safety images and messages. Sugar cookies and Oreos all can be customized and ordered by the dozens. They needed a fun an vibrant trade show booth that matched their enthusiasm for saving people's lives on the job.

Insyntrix created the graphics for the trade show back panel and podium, stickers and various signs to compliment their website design and brand.

RMI Laser

RMI Laser makes really awesome lasers that mark and engrave products and parts for businesses. Their trade show presence was important for reaching out to new businesses in manufacturing.

Insyntrix designed the various graphics and back panels that helped showcase their innovative laser equipment. The show produced dozens of qualified leads for their sales team.


BSG Communications

Event management company BSG Communications produces multiple events and conferences for Baxalta. They require a variety of materials for these international events.

Insyntrix helped develop a series of consistent graphic standards based on the Baxalta brand so that every event, despite the location, looked very similar and very professional.

BSG Communications

HRSU's conference in Singapore is another event managed and produced by our client BSG Communications. This organization's event is largely sponsored by Baxalta and required dual-branded materials for every aspect of the conference and their attendees.

Insyntrix designed and printed multiple items, like this pocket folder, large signs and attendee name badges.


CEC Document Services

CEC Document Services, one of the largest locally owned and operated “all digital” printing services in Denver, Colorado. They’ve been serving the area for over two decades and are pleased to offer their clients hands on service and support to help their businesses grow.

The Insyntrix team developed a comprehensive branding package which included graphic design services featuring a new visual identity and branding standards, new logo, letterhead, envelopes, exterior signage, an email template, a direct mail template, a series of direct mail postcards and a beautiful new website.

Western Foundries

From the metal forges in Colorado, Western Foundries needed a new general capabilities brochure for their sales team for attracting new customers across the US.

Insyntrix designed this 4 page brochure for print as way to create a lasting impact with helpful specifications and key plant capabilities.

See the Western Foundries website.