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Brand Strategy Workshop

Developing Your Brand's Superpowers - The Complete Brand Building Bootcamp for A Struggling Business

The Secrets Of How To Build A Company Brand That Provides Wealth And Deep Value:

A Solid Foundation For Growing Your Business and Pivoting To Capitalize On The “New Normal” 2022 Marketplace & Beyond

Do you feel deep inside that your small business has more to offer?

Are you working hard, but not seeing enough in return?

Are your prospects not noticing your true value?

In this live virtual bootcamp we'll cover how to unleash your ultimate brand and unlock amazing opportunities that will drive revenue and build enthusiastic customers.

You can use this proven knowledge to build a company brand that provides wealth and deep value to customers & employeesgrow your business with a solid, unshakeable foundation… and even quickly pivot to capitalize on the chaotic 2022 marketplace!

Heck, I even explain to you the one thing that makes most brands struggle so much!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible 4-hour bootcamp event:

  • In depth creation of your unique brand with super powers that will inspire legions of raving fans and melt the minds of your competition
  • Make your business brand a champion for your customers that are happy to pay you and recommend you to others

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough bootcamp that will finally show you your brand's true superpowers that will help build revenue, out position your competition and accelerate your lasting success.

How to Discover Your Business Brand’s TRUE Super Powers to Increase Your Profits and Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Most Desirable Customers for Increased Profits in Just 4 Hours, Even If You Hate Doing Marketing Stuff.

This 4-hour online live workshop is only for business owners, marketing leaders, executives and inspired entrepreneurs who are interested in making real changes at their company for serious growth. Everyone will be expecting you to be engaged and ready to "work" inside this powerful workshop.

It's completely OK if you are feeling lost, confused, frustrated, annoyed, bewildered, angry, or just plain crazy about your business. There are likely a lot of reasons, especially during COVID-19 here, but, do you know what you need to stop feeling that way? This workshop!

This is NOT a scam, but rather the culmination of over 25 years of marketing, training and sales experience working with hundreds of small and national businesses. Why suffer along on the same path when you can learn things that will make your life and company better?

Why a Brand Strategy Workshop is an important part of the brand development process

Put simply, say your favorite color is blue. We all like blue, but what if your strategy session tells us that 8 of your 10 competitors have blue in their logos and they all use a similarly-weighted font. It might be the right business strategy to differentiate your organization visually from the competition. Consider the mobile carrier wars of the 2000’s. Competitors differentiated themselves by color, an obvious tactic when selling a commodity:

AT&T = Blue

Sprint = Yellow

Verizon = Red

T-Mobile = Pink

Cricket = Green

Brand Bootcamp

Branding Work

How your brand management strategy is crafted is vital for ongoing success in today's competitive digital world. It’s your chance to leave an impression that really reflects your business and what it represents. It’s not the time to cut corners… you’ve got competition around every corner that will take advantage of any perceived vulnerability as an opportunity to win the business away from your customers.

Your brand is important. Can you stand behind it?

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