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All Feedback Is Good Feedback

All Feedback is Good Feedback

You do your best to provide good products and services to your clients. Positive feedback on a job well done is the most amazing motivation there is. Sometimes, though, you fall down. When a customer rears their angry head and verbally lambasts you on social media, it hurts. What are you going to do?

Remember to take a deep breath and CARE.

C - Stay calm. Consider the message carefully from all angles before you respond. Take a walk if you have to. Remember the idiom, “Calmer minds prevail.” There is wisdom there.

A - Assess the situation, ask questions and identify the root of the problem. Is there anything you or your team could have done differently to prevent customer dissatisfaction? If appropriate, it’s time to graciously accept the blame that belongs to you. But regardless of who is at fault, this is learning and training opportunity for the entire team you don’t want to ignore.

R - Respond with respect. Your words will be read by your followers, customers, prospects, competitors and more. If applicable, apologize and offer a solution. Don’t come off defensively or point a finger back at the customer. Redeem your reputation with a timely, professional response.

E - Engage with your customer off-line, if possible. It’s an opportunity to right the wrongs directly, in a less public fashion. Show your customer you care about their experience with your brand and their associated feelings. This extra step may be what they need to feel better about you and your business. Who knows? They may even become an advocate of your brand.

In business, you’ve got to take the bad with the good. It’s embarrassing when someone speaks out against you so publicly. Unless the post is profane, unnecessarily derogatory or simply not true, resist the urge to delete the complaint. Transparency can build trust. Finally, respond to all feedback (negative or positive) quickly. Show your human side to reinforce connections and make your customers feel acknowledged and appreciated.

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All Feedback Is Good Feedback

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