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Product Demo Video Production

How do you communicate the value of an amazing product or service, to a specific target market, with power and punch in around three minutes or less? It’s easy. A product demo video!

We love doing corporate video production for product presentations because an entertaining and informative video can provide a big return for our clients. A good product demo video running on your website, from your tradeshow booth and out on YouTube is like having your own 24/7 sales force that doesn’t take vacations or complain about their benefits package.

The process starts with a face-to-face, telephone or Web chat with you to talk about your business, your product or service, your target audience and your goals for the video. From there, we take a deep dive into the meat of your product… what are the key messages, benefits and functionality sets you want to uncover? Then we move on to personality and tone, which results in the first deliverable back to you: a product demo video script, which details frame-by-frame the exact verbiage proposed for your presentation.

Once the script is finalized, storyboarding begins. Here’s where you’ll see the colors, images, screen shots and graphics start to come together. Then we’ll help you select music and professional voice talent and before long, you’ll have a beautiful, impactful product demo video designed to warm up your prospects and turn them into viable leads.

We produce corporate video presentations including product demos, customer testimonial videos and commercials for years for clients of all sizes. Some of our more recent projects can be found in our video gallery. Take a look.

By the way, did you know YouTube is set to outpace Google in terms of growth over the coming years? It’s the second largest search engine right now because video has become the go-to medium for users seeking education and entertainment regarding pretty much any topic under the sun. Now is a good time to hitch your wagon to a star… Let’s get started.

Product Demo Video Production

Video Editing Portfolio

Insyntrix has the experience and resources to create exciting video projects. From idea conception, script writing and storyboarding, to music, voiceover and graphic design, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your video production and marketing needs. Insyntrix can handle everything from motion graphic animations to on-location video production shoots and live events.

Videos work. Tell your story. Sell more. Get results.

Give us a call and understand your options with video production and editing. Or, complete this form and we’ll contact you soon about everything you can do with video.