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So you have a website. But are you using and understanding advanced analytics to understand how your audience is interacting with it?

A clear understanding of a recent data analytics report of your website is the great equalizer between your business and your competition. By tracking, measuring and interpreting user behavior, Insyntrix can help you identify problems and trends, and develop an effective plan to improve the numbers. Web analytics show you what’s working and what is not.

Think about that infographic you created to explain your services. People may be looking at it, but does anyone CLICK it or the nearby call to action? Should the button be more obvious or should it say something more engaging? That’s exactly the kind of information our data analytics will help you understand.

Not only are website analytics essential in understanding how people behave on your website, analytics are powerful in helping you understand how to attract more traffic in the first place. Even better is understanding how to impress the right subset of people (the people willing to spend) and convert their interest to closed business.

The first part of a successful web analytics strategy is keyword research and keyword analysis. Keyword research is the process of exploring and understanding exactly what key phrases your target market types into search engines to find products and services like yours. During our keyword analysis, we identify multiple variations of relevant key phrases and reveal the phrases that get the most traffic and have the least amount of competition on the web.

It’s like this: big fish. Small pond. You’re the big fish and everyone wants to catch you. Optimizing your website and content around the right key phrases will make a massive difference in your popularity. Sound complicated? It definitely can be. But Insyntrix is nerdy enough to figure it out for you, with reports and results to justify all the data analytics.

We’d love to speak with you about a website data analytics program. Schedule a no-pressure consultation and we’ll create a plan to help you boost your online presence.


Web Analytics in Action

The Insyntrix data analytics team really gets - well, analytical, with your website design project. We really want to what your prospects are typing in search engines to find you. Because if they hit your website and don't see what they expected, it's an instant bounce. Check out our website portfolio to see how we used keyword analysis reports to boost the design and content.

Website projects can be tricky. Luckily, we do this all the time.

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