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Interactive Tools for High Engagement

The term, "Interactive media" gets thrown around a lot. In reality, interactive media is all about getting people to remember your brand and products in a more satisfying way. By combining senses like sight, sound and touch, marketers create a deeper impression that a casual glimpse on a billboard. Mobile devices lead the way for many interactive projects, but technology is constantly evolving. Insyntrix helps our clients stand out in more meaningful ways for sales, training and marketing projects.


HP, one of the most respected tech companies in the world, hired Insyntrix to develop a special interactive case study in e-book format.

Insyntrix developed this native Apple eBook for sales teams and HP partners to showcase their major accomplishments and explain how HP Software tools were used to speed up development and reduce debugging issues on a major US military project.


Blackhawk Equipment

Blackhawk Equipment was doing what 99% of other businesses do when they need to do some math. They use Excel for some quick calculations and modeling. However, Excel sheets can be copied by competitors and so Blackhawk asked Insyntrix if we could recreate and convert the Excel files into a pretty, but more protective series of PDFs.

Now, Blackhawk can send customers and prospects these cool PDF calculator tools that are branded and easy to use, without having to know Excel.

See Blackhawk's Calculators

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is the newly formed, equally-sized spin-off of HP.

HPE requested an interactive PDF to showcase their SaaS service offerings. This piece is used as a sales tool to help sales teams undestand how to help prospects make informed decisions about new SaaS offerings.



HP needed an interactive PDF brochure for potential customers, sales reps and employees to inform them of HP's new enterprise software service offerings. Insyntrix developed the content and graphics to help put users in the driver's seat with software tools to improve their IT services and hardware.