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Getting a New Client Should Be Like Playing T-Ball


Sales and Marketing Wisdom

Think of it this way: Marketing is the tee stand which sets up, positions and steadies the ball. The ball is new business, a customer, your next best client. Sales is the kid with the bat trying to hit a home run. Easy, right?

No marketing means no tee stand, which means Sales is at a disadvantage before they even step up to the plate. What if there’s no salesperson at bat? The new business just sits there. Sales and marketing must work together or nothing happens.

We can't begin to tell you how many times we have seen a "cold war" happening between sales and marketing teams. Sales wants more "good" leads, and marketing is sending plenty, but sales isn't closing anything. And so the cycle goes. But really sales and marketing teams should be best friends. Each person interacts and thinks about the world a little differently and that's what makes the world a great place.

Marketing is thinking, wow, I made this amazing tee stand that literally keeps the ball from moving around and all sales has to do is hit the dang ball.

Sales is thinking, all marketing did was make a dumb stick, I have to swing and actually hit the ball and make it go somewhere.

You as the executive leader need to get your teams to play some tee ball, otherwise you are playing BASEBALL, and that is a hard game with lots of strikeouts. Marketing's job is to position customers perfectly and have them not move so sales can knock it out of the park.

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