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Strategy: the First Step Toward Success

A well-defined, end-to-end marketing strategy is the blueprint for business success. It should support your business and sales objectives and define how you will accomplish them. A good strategy takes into account the market and competitive landscape, then details the marketing tactics to necessary to help your company succeed. Insyntrix is all about thinking deeply about your business. Check out these examples below of our big brains in action.

Green Theory

Green Theory provides supplements to cleanse harmful toxins from the body that cause sluggishness and irritability. All of their products contain natural ingredients with no binders, and are formulated to increase metabolism to help you lose weight.

Insyntrix designed and led the Green Theory team through an intensive marketing workshop, created to reveal the persona of their ideal customer. We identified Green Theory's differientiated value proposition and researched the most valuable terms to associate with their brand and use in their marketing materials.


Octagon Systems

Octagon Systems develop rugged computers for use in harsh environments and extreme conditions like those found in mining, military, agriculture and other intense situations where severe temperatures, shock, water, vibration, and dust take their toll and failure is not an option. Their products are field proven in the worst situations on six continents. Octagon targets OEM and software developers who recommend rugged platforms for clients to build solutions upon.

Insyntrix developed a customized branding workshop for the Octagon executive leadership team. Together we solidified their overall brand and market strategies.

Visit the Octagon Systems website


You know that dirty, plastic chairmat under your office chair? It’s time to throw it away. Vitrazza sells and ships durable, smooth glass chairmats in standard and custom sizes to customers across the USA. Vitrazza mats are the last chairmats you’ll ever have to buy because they are deceptively durable and provide ergonomic benefits, too.

The Insyntrix team developed a comprehensive marketing strategy document containing an analysis of the competitive landscape and an assessment of Vitrazza’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and business threats. Additional analysis and planning included a detailed plan to increase product awareness through direct and partnership channels and encourage repeat sales from existing customers.

Visit the Vitrazza website


Ilium is offering the world one of the best design innovations ever to hit the backpack, The Anax. With its' fully-patented 4-point buckle and lightweight counter weight system, this is truly the ultimate backpack for everyday use. Ilium needed to put together various presentations and develop a pricing model that compliment the overall high-end brand image.

Insyntrix led Ilium through a series intensive strategy meetings. We identified Ilium's differentiated value proposition and researched the most valuable attributes to help solidify the pricing model and overall marketing strategy.