Brand Identity Workshop

Insyntrix Brand Identity Workshop for Brand Development

Your business has super powers waiting to be discovered. You’ve got strong core attributes and abilities, yet you can’t articulate them clearly enough to position your company apart from the competition and win all the new business.

Do you know what’s stopping you from success? It’s your BRAND IDENTITY.

Your brand identity tells your prospects it’s you behind the curtain, not some other company with a similar offering. For example, Batman® and Mighty Mouse® are both super heroes loosely-related to rodents. Each employs a distinct attitude and approach to win the favor and confidence of the distressed. So, what should their respective brands look like? This is a job for the Insyntrix Brand Identity Workshop team!

The Insyntrix Brand Identity Workshop is a comprehensive, tailored methodology designed to help you tell a compelling story about your company, products and services in a way that resonates with your audience. Our team will guide you through a fun, hands-on brand development session to help you understand the true core of your brand and where the holes are. Gather your key stakeholders for productive conversations to reveal what your brand really stands for and how it upholds your vision, mission and culture.

Our Brand Identity Workshops and ultimate deliverables are customized to the needs of each client. Here’s an example of what we can do:

Brand Identity and Brand Development Goals

Create a visual identity system with a look and feel in-line with your existing business, product or service architecture. This information is the ideal foundation for Brand identity, which defines the branding guidelines and informs future marketing efforts.

Brand Identity Visualization Work Session

A two hour, hard-core, collaborative working session between both teams to solidify your brand vision.


Insyntrix will explore all possible brand differentiators and identify the true essence of your brand once all non-essential elements are removed, resulting in a clear brand platform. We’ll help you identify and articulate your brand’s core attributes to use as building blocks for the development of the visual look and feel.


Brand Platform Document
Brand Expression Montage that captures the visual art direction of the brand

NOTE: This often serves as the master blueprint for building out specific brand logos, product lines and names, branding guidelines, service tiers, websites, sales materials and all other marketing communications. It gives you everything you need to have Insyntrix design a corporate identity that is exactly on point and built to last.

Brand Identity

Branding Work

How your brand identity is formed is vital for ongoing success in today's competitive digital world. It’s your chance to leave an impression that really reflects your business and what it represents. It’s not the time to cut corners… you’ve got competition around every corner that will take advantage of any perceived vulnerability as an opportunity to win the business away from your customers.

Your brand is important. Can you stand behind it?

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