Video Testimonials


Video Testimonials

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer evidence is a powerful thing. It’s how you demonstrate your street cred, after all. Because, let’s face it. If a business tells you they are the best thing since sliced bread, are you going to take them at face value? More likely, you’re going to hold off on making that purchase until you see evidence of an actual customers raving about how that bread turned into a delicious sandwich.

Video testimonials are a great way to uncover and demonstrate the true value of your products and services. Actual customers using their own words, with their own inflections describing the benefits they’ve received from your products or services are the holy grail of customer endorsement. The same client testimonial reel can be played over and over again without burning out your references.

Insyntrix Video Testimonial Examples

Niwot Glam Lounge
Ament Headache Center
Gordon Asset Management

The process works like this: we work with you to uncover your unique value proposition messages and identify satisfied customers comfortable in front of the camera, who are willing to share their stories. Next, we write a series of guiding questions, read off-camera to help your customers naturally reveal the benefits they’ve received from your products and services, in support of your key messages. Sometimes people need a few practice runs to get comfortable, but we keep the environment relaxed and enjoyable to cut down on the intimidation factor. We’ll bring in a hair and make-up team and a full video production team on-site at your location or a desirable alternative.

Here are the results of some of our recent client testimonial videos. Nice, huh?

Give us a call to discuss your next video project. We’ll share some ideas, give you our references and we’ll give you our references and see where that takes us. It’s really that easy.


Video Editing Portfolio

Insyntrix has the experience and resources to create exciting video projects. From idea conception, script writing and storyboarding, to music, voiceover and graphic design, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your video production and marketing needs. Insyntrix can handle everything from motion graphic animations to on-location video production shoots and live events.

Videos work. Tell your story. Sell more. Get results.

Give us a call and understand your options with video production and editing. Or, complete this form and we’ll contact you soon about everything you can do with video.