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Link building is an essential element of a strong SEO strategy. Cyberspace, like any place, is replete with advantages to knowing the right people. Google cares if you hang out with the cool crowd and rewards you accordingly. The number and quality of you…

Internal links

Internal linking is all about improving the user experience on your website by making the content more discoverable. It’s also a great way to get link juice flowing through your website which can improve your overall SEO score.

Social Coupons

Groupon, Poop-on? NO. We say, “Groupon, right on!” But it’s all in the strategy, and without one you can get into big trouble.

Focusing on your audience

Take a look at your website, your marketing collateral, your social media posts or anything you’re putting out there to attract business. How many times do you use pronouns like we, our, I, we, our and us compared to audience-focused words like you and yo…

We Tube. Do YouTube?

If you’re like most small business owners, you haven’t cracked the YouTube nut, but don’t despair. The first step is simple: a good YouTube strategy starts with an understanding of why you should care about YouTube at all.

5 Ways PR Can Build Your Brand

At a time when audiences are demanding authenticity, PR is the most effective and credible way to communicate your brand’s story.

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