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Internal links

Internal links

Internal linking is all about improving the user experience on your website by making the content more discoverable. It’s also a great way to get link juice flowing through your website which can improve your overall SEO score. Google and Bing will reward work well done, but you need to know what you’re doing to do it right. Incorporate an internal linking strategy into your ongoing SEO plans during the content development stage, or after your keywording, keyword mapping and content development stages are complete.

  1. Identify the top pages on your website. We’ll call those “landing pages”. Your landing pages are the best pages for advanced SEO. They are your meatiest, most popular pages because they contain relevant and authoritative content containing 300 words or more.
  2. Working on one landing page at a time, identify all other website pages that can and should link to it. Look for logical connections between content and user intention.
  3. Write optimized links from other pages to your identified landing page. In other words, say your landing page is titled “cat food” and the content is written around the keywords “organic cat food”, “nutrition for cats” and “healthy cat food”. You want to optimize all of the links that will point to this page by incorporating your identified keywords right into the links. For example:

    Purrfect Pets organic cat food
    Nutrition for cats:the importance of a balanced diet
    Benefits of healthy cat food

Build as many links to your landing page as you can, provided they make sense to the user. Try to write at least one link per keyword or keyphrase.

Finally, be sure to keep track of what’s linking to where. It will make it easier to update your links as your keywords and phrases evolve.

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