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Link building is an essential element of a strong SEO strategy. Cyberspace, like any place, is replete with advantages to knowing the right people. Google cares if you hang out with the cool crowd and rewards you accordingly. The number and quality of your backlinks can make all the difference.

Target reputable businesses with high traffic and an easy, natural fit with your products and services. For example, if you make balloon animals, create a network of local entertainers like magicians and face-painters to associate with. Reciprocal linking between similar websites can benefit all parties in the long run.

Start with the easy associations. Go through your contact list and search for businesses with obvious connections to yours. Also, consider clients like restaurants, bounce houses and other venues familiar with you, your products and your services. Tell them you are trying to increase your web traffic and ask them to publish a link to your website. It really is that easy.

Get listed with the appropriate local directories. Not every directory is right for your business, but you’ll be able to determine a good fit quickly. Services like Yext provide an easy, automated way to get listed but there is a drawback. A monthly fee ensures good reach and easy administration, but once you unsubscribe, you may lose your listings.

You can take a manual approach to directory listings. It costs nothing but time. In the big picture, what’s 3 to 5 hours to create a dozen backlinks and listings that won’t expire?

Build your social channels. It sounds obvious because it is: your social profiles should contain a link to your website, and your social postings should include a link to your website. Use keywords in your posts as appropriate. And whatever you do, don’t neglect Google+. Hint: Google owns it. Finally, add social integration to your website.

Need backlinking help?

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