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The Insyntrix Team

Talented. Experienced. Smart. We’re talking about you, the person looking at this page. But we all need a little help once in a while. When it comes down to it, you want to know who has your back when your next big project comes due. That’s us. Meet Insyntrix, your strategic marketing team.


Ian Atchison, President

Ian’s been a part of the creative world for more than 20 years. He loves to immerse himself in his passion for combining innovative ideas with technology, leading teams, and growing the business. He’s worked with clients in every industry imaginable. From basement start-ups selling new dieting products to Fortune 10 enterprises promoting world-class software and services, he’s seen it all. But Ian still gets excited about every project that comes in the door. (Seriously… Every. Single. One. Just ask the team!)

Ian’s mind is always working to come up with the most effective way to serve his clients’ needs; he’s equal parts creative and analytical, so he’s always deep in thought.

Talk to Ian about your business needs, then watch him smile as he comes up with a handful of strategic marketing ideas you’ve never considered.

Insyntrix EmployeeTrisha Lycas

Trisha Lycas, Account Director

Trisha’s a true client advocate. She’s a great listener and she takes a thoughtful, consultative approach to each project she undertakes. Trisha loves to get it right the first time, which means she’s always interested in the details that lead to exceptional value and results. More than 20 years of experience working with big brands like Microsoft, HP, and McKesson Health Solutions and start-ups across multiple industries has given her the experience to execute strategic, end-to-end marketing strategies that keep our clients happy.

Trisha enjoys working with Insyntrix to provide marketing programs and copywriting to clients of all sizes, but she’s discovered an affinity for small and midsize businesses. She always asks herself, “would I be willing to pay for this?” before she recommends a new initiative or approach.


Victoria Jamison, Senior Project Manager

We always say Victoria has the hardest job in the building because it’s true. She’s the (wo)man behind the scenes putting all the tools and processes in place to keep Insyntrix running smoothly. She makes it all look easy, but anyone who understands project management knows the relentless demands of keeping projects on track and clients (and coworkers!) happy.

Victoria’s background includes nearly a decade in project management and marketing operations. She has a Project Management certificate from CSU and is working toward her PMP. Complex projects with multiple variables are her passion and customer satisfaction is her biggest motivator.

Victoria’s motto is “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” She manages all projects with consistency and integrity, and she’s always ready for the next big challenge.


Katie Gribbin

Katie is a business development dynamo. She loves working with our clients to deliver the most successful marketing campaign to meet their goals and maximize their company’s revenue. As a seasoned sales veteran she welcomes a challenge and looks forward to meeting with clients to deliver a variety of options that stay on message and inside your budget. As a great listener and fast-paced work ethic, you can trust Katie to have your back and deliver. She brings with her over a decade of marketing and advertising sales experience building campaigns for companies such as Oracle, Verizon, HP, American Express, and Dell to name a few.

Katie relocated to Denver from the East Coast and just loves it. She has traveled all around the US, Europe, Mexico and even Africa. Confident, capable and experienced, Katie is sure to get your business on the right track.


Cesar Lopez, Art Director, Development Director

Cesar is the technical muscle behind Insyntrix, skillfully commanding a fleet of monitors like he’s taking a leisurely lap through the universe on an X-Wing fighter . He specializes in interactive media, interface design and responsive design, and he’s well versed in back-end SEO, social integration and analytics, too. As if that weren’t impressive enough, he’s also skilled in graphic design for online and print media and provides leadership and direction to the rest of the design and development team.

Cesar’s well versed in Concrete5, Hypersites, Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP. He has a BA in Web Design and Interactive Media and plenty of busy, multimedia agency experience as well. Cesar’s a Jedi Master with skills, wisdom and devotion to the Force. What’s not to like about that?


Brandon Arndt, Lead Web Designer

Brandon’s passionate about Web development and graphic design and he rocks the Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and PHP for multiple browsers and devices. He’s spent the last four years of his career designing and coding for multiple content management systems like Concrete5, and Wordpress.

Brandon has a degree in art from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He moved to Denver in 2015 and started working at Insyntrix almost immediately. When he’s not working, he's rocking out as the front man for his band CITRA. Ask him about his band and CITRA's recent new video release for "Air"!

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